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Farhat Bakery opened in 1955 as a small scale family run bakery. It has started by the brothers Diab Farhat and Ali Farhat, with some employees and many of the products being manually produced. Farhat Bakery began business by supplying the region with Arabic breads, pastries, and Arabic sweets.
Years later, Farhat Bakery became one of the largest bakeries in town and famous for its high quality products. Diab’s sons, Mohamad and Mostafa Farhat, later took over to transform the bakery to a system of ultra-modern, state of the art, fully and semi-automated production lines that is operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with the capacity to produce large volumes of products each and every day.
Today, we are known for our delicious high-end Lebanese bakery products, specially the Pita Bread, Kaak, Pastry, Petit Four, Pain au lait, Cookies, Sweets and all kinds of Mouajanet. Our elite team has decades of bakery experience. We offer solutions for your new business by a turnkey operation from start to finish, if that is what you desire, or by a design built from the ground up or as simple as equipment sourcing to fulfill your needs.
We also provide equipment for existing bakery plant operations that are wishing to expand or upgrade with new equipment.
Our professional team is experienced in Senior Management, Sales Management, Sales, Plant Operations,  Baking and Consulting.


Bakery Consulting Services

Manufacturing Plant

  • We offer an end-to-end service, from selling bakery equipments to providing a full plan for launching a bakery. Our team, having owned Farhat Bakery, has an extensive knowledge in maximizing the Flow of Production and Profitability.

Product sourcing

  • Our elite team, having a great manufacturing experience, will guide yours in manufacturing the best and finest Pita breads, Kaak, Lebanese Pastries along with many other bakery items.
Sweet Breads

marketing and sales

  • In addition, our team has years of experience in managing the sales of bakery operations, having developed new items and successfully reaching the market.

Equipment sourcing

  • Sourcing New and Used Manufacturing lines, Stress-Free Pita Bread Lines, Lamination Equipment for Croissants, Pastry, Ovens, Spiral Mixers, Coolers, Freezer Systems, and Conveyor Systems and all ancillary equipment including Water Chillers, Air Compressors, Low-Pressure Steam Boilers, , Packaging Systems for New and Existing Bakery Manufacturing Faculties.


mostafa diab farhat

Mostafa Farhat Lebanese Bread Expert with more than 40 years of experience in arabic Pita bread ,Kaak, and Lebanese Pastries .


imad mohamad farhat

Imad Farhat Bakery Manager with more than 16 years in bakery management .

mohamad ali farhat

Mohamad Farhat Bakery Equipment Expert with more than 30 years of experience in bakery equipment manufacturing and maintenance .

Furn el shebek , Beirut